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Salton Sea, 

wood, mirror, varnish, polystyrol hard foam, acrystal
65 × 110 × 90 cm

São Paulo, 

concrete, chicken wire, gouache, plexiglass
per object: 115 × 6 × 6 cm , gouache: 42 × 56 cm

Scharoun großer Saal, 

glass, silicone, polycarbonate
40 × 38 × 49 cm

Scharoun kleiner Saal, 

glass, silicone, polycarbonate
30 × 44 × 38 cm

Snake Grass IV, 

glazed ceramic
127 x 64,5 x 47 cm

South Wall / Gargoyle, 

reinforced concrete, glazed ceramic
180 x 100 x 460 cm


paper mâché and other materials
bucket: Ø 60 cm, h 35 cm, area: 180 ×160 cm

Stern/ Rostock/ Riga, 

concrete, metal, polyurethane foam
40 × 40 × 304 cm

Stern/ Taschkent, 

wood, polystyrene hard foam, fabric, upholstery batting, quartz plaster, acrylic
38 × 190 × 190 cm

Stilt House I, 

glazed ceramic
44 x 35 x 35cm


fabric, thread

Survival Bag, 

mummified cactus, fabric
130 x 30 x 30 cm


09.12.2014 to 15.02.2015
ikob – Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Eupen Belgien

The artist relentlessly explores the question of the limit by creating and moving rooms. Her series of “curtains” create, within the ikob, a multitude of synaptic contact zones, of open and changeable spaces that are crossed by numerous signals transmitting information on each side of their surface. Like membranes on which the picture is fixed, close and distant, spatial and installation-like, these curtains oscillate between transparency and opacity, opening and closing spaces, literally unveiling what the surface has to say about the depths.
As it puts into dialogue the series of curtain-veils, Synapsen offers a visual reflexion on the sensitive experience of the threshold and, simultaneously, about the close and the distant, the veil and the aura as defined by Walter Benjamin in The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.